About Blender Chef Club

I purchased my first Vitamix after using a Ninja blender for 8 years straight out of college. The Ninja was great at the time and served me well but I slowly realized after years of drinking chunky “smoothies” that my Ninja was more of a food processor than a true blender.

That’s when I said “enough is enough” and purchased my first Vitamix.

I’ve always looked for ways to improve my daily life and to live a healthier lifestyle. When I purchased the Vitamix I realized it wasn’t just any ol’ kitchen gadget that would sit around and collect dust. I realized the Vitamix would become a vital part of my daily lifestyle.

Blender Chef Club was started to create a community for Vitamix owners to discover and share tips and tricks for getting the most out of this amazing blender.

I hope you’ll join me here at Blender Chef Club to discover the best ways to create fast and delicious meals with your Vitamix.

John – Owner, Blender Chef Club